Dovetail™ Hi-C kit with HiRise™ Genome Assembly

Dovetail™ Hi-C kit with Hi-rise™ Genome Assembly

The Dovetail™ Hi-C Library Preparation Kit with Hi Rise™ Scaffolding Software provides labs with direct access to the leading Hi-C genome assembly solution previously only available through Dovetail’s service.


  • Capture Meg abase range information with Dovetail’s proximity ligation technology
  • Generate chromosome-level assemblies with HiRise™, the leading proximity ligation genome scaffolding software
  • Dovetail quality assemblies in your lab; optimized end-to-end from the world’s leading service
  • Makes running Hi-C in your lab easier than ever with robust sequencing-ready libraries and high quality Hi-C data
  • Assemble more genomes to answer more biological questions with a lower cost per sample, on your own schedule