Genome Explorer


A highly salable and automated platform that enables users to comprehensively and rapidly analyze their next-generation sequencing data. The user need not worry about any software or database installation. Various NGS applications and sequencing platforms are supported. On request, the workflows can be quickly customized as needed. The results of analysis are delivered as a detailed report.


Customized Pipelines

  • Genome Explorer® empowers users to select between a choice of open-source and commercial aligners, tools and algorithms. This pick-and-mix feature drives your analysis routine in a time-smart and cost-effective manner.

Actionable Variants

  • Genome Explorer®’s ClinChek+ utility houses a range of clinical annotation layers and variants prioritization, making variant analysis a seamless delightful experience.

Precise Splicing Information

  • Genome International Functional Analysis Toolkit (GIFT) is powered by industry acknowledged algorithms and expert-curated high-definition splice signal databases. Our Splice Chek+ utility provides reliable ranks to alternate ive transcripts and splice variants based on a robust splice signal scoring system.

Signature and Panel Check

  • Stratification of patient mutation and expression data has never been this simple with Genome International’s trademark features like SignChek+ and PanChek+. Genome Explorer® enables you to scan your data for presence of valuable data points from published or private gene panels and gene signatures, helping the clinicians to make more informed decisions.