Biologist-centric analytics, visualizations and personalized genomics services catering to the clinical, agriculture and pharma industries

  • Next Generation Sequencing

Consultation and delivery of optimized sequencing solutions that meet the specific needs of a particular project are the foundation of our NGS team. We offer services using all Illumina (MiSeq, HiSeq) and Sanger platforms for a long read length or high depth of coverage.

  • Bioinformatics

In addition to classical bioinformatics work of curating data, building databases and developing custom scripts for mining valuable knowledge from biological data, we also perform NGS data analysis for using sequencing as a hypothesis generation tool.

  • Big Data Analysis

Our expertise in scientific computing and access to high-performance computing resources enable us to exploit the big data space and support professionals working in clinical, translation and basic science domains. We are constantly advancing large volume data transfer and file compression.

  • Product Development

Working with clients from a wide range of conventional and futuristic market areas, our multidisciplinary team understands the demands of product life cycles and time-to-market constraints. Our approach is tailored to meet specific expectations through practically feasible solutions.