Targeted Sequencing

Long-read SMRT Sequencing produces in-depth views of genetic variation in human disease, plants, animals, microbes, and infectious disease.

Access the full spectrum of genetic variation

Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing combines single-molecule observation, long-read sequencing, and the lowest degree of bias to fully characterize genetic complexity — including structural variation, rare SNPs, indels, copy number variation, microsatellites, haplotypes, and phasing. Through targeted sequencing on the PacBio Systems, you move beyond simply cataloging SNPs and target all types of variation across relevant genomic regions, including low complexity regions like repeat expansions, promoters, and flanking regions of transposable elements.

PacBio sequencing hits the targets others miss

  • Explore No-Amp targeted sequencing to enrich hard-to-amplify genomic regions
  • Characterize complex regions underlying human genetic disease
  • Perform candidate gene or domestication studies for plants and animals
  • Resolve complex regions in microbial and infectious disease research
  • Phase full-length HLA allele variation without imputation
  • Characterize extended haplotypes of complex immune regions
  • Fill knowledge gaps with BAC sequencing

Targeted Sequencing Application Brochure – Capture your regions of interest in high resolution


HLA Sequencing Application Brochure – Fully phased allele-specific HLA sequencing – the perfect pair

Immunology Brochure – Invaluable insights into immunology

Cancer Brochure – Discover the hidden landscape of cancer variants

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