Whole Genome Sequencing

Long-read SMRT Sequencing provides a comprehensive view of the genetic composition of microbes, humans, plants, and animals.

Bring the “W” back to whole genome sequencing

Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing delivers long read lengths with the highest consensus accuracy and uniform coverage, allowing you to go beyond fragmented draft genomes and generate the most comprehensive de novo assemblies. True whole genome sequencing with the PacBio Systems provides complete and accurate views of all types of genomic variation, revealing SNPs/SNVs, structural variants, mobile elements, haplotypes, epigenetics, and variants in low-complexity regions.


PacBio offers comprehensive solutions and advanced applications for whole genome sequencing

  • Perform complete microbial characterization in a single experiment
  • Produce high-quality plant and animal reference genomes for complete gene discovery
  • Create exceptional human genome de novo assemblies
  • Simultaneously detect epigenetic information
  • Resolve structural variation across the complete size spectrum with base-pair resolution

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