Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Services

PacBio Sequencing Services

  • De novo genome sequencing and assembly services (microbial, plant and animal genomes)
  • Human genome sequencing for “medical grade” genome sequence
  • Base Modification (Epigenetics) Sequencing and analysis (Unique Feature from PacBio!)
  • Iso-Seq – Uncover novel genes and gene isoforms by sequencing full-length mRNA transcripts with no assembly needed.
  • Pathogen sequencing and identification by sequencing
  • Amplicon / Targeted sequencing
  • Metagenomics Sequencing – Improve taxonomic resolution with Full Length 16S Sequencing

Illumina Sequencing Service

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • mRNA Sequencing (Whole Exome Sequencing / Whole Transcriptome Sequencing)
  • Small RNA Sequencing
  • ChIP Sequencing
  • Sure select methyl-sequencing
  • Methylated DNA enrichment (MBD)
  • Nextera Mate Pair Library Prep

Bioinformatics Services

  • De novo genome assembly
  • Genome re-sequencing and analysis
  • Base Modification analysis
  • Whole Length Transcript analysis
  • Metagenome Analysis
  • Chromosome-level Genome Assembly

Other Laboratory Services

  • HMW DNA Extraction
  • Genomic DNA Extraction
  • RNA Extraction
  • DNA LabChip Analysis
  • RNA LabChip Analysis
  • DNA / Amplicon Qubit measurement

Instrumentation Servicing and Technical Support

  • We offer repair Services for small instruments involving minor repair and calibrations.
  • This includes a minimum diagnostic check and pick-up/delivery charge for repairs.
  • Customers will receive a cost estimation of the repair job prior to proceeding with the repairs after basic troubleshooting and root cause analysis has been performed.
  • Upon confirmation we will proceed with the repairs.
  • Our factory trained Field Service Engineers are always ready to provide you with the technical assistance you require to overcome any problems at hand.
  • Contractual Technical Support is readily available to customers having instruments which are either under warranty or a service contract.
  • This extensively covers parts and workmanship for related services.